January 17 2020 eclipse horoscope

This Week in Astrology: Full Moon in Capricorn Partial Lunar Eclipse

All year — Uranus trine your decan allows you to make very important changes in your life without the usual disruption that big changes often bring. With excited enthusiasm you can express a more bubbly side of your personality. There will be opportunities to meet new and exciting people from more varied backgrounds.

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Even relationships with long-term partners can benefit from your experimental and open-minded desires. Those born from December 24 to 31 experience these exciting changes during the Capricorn horoscope. Those born on December 22 and 23 finished this transit in April Until June 5 — The solar eclipse on December 26, in Capricorn decan 1 brings growth, abundance and good luck as well as positive change and excitement.

This birthday eclipse is excellent for starting things, especially new and exciting things.

Lunar & Solar Eclipses in 12222 and How They Affect Your Zodiac Sign

You should feel larger than life and keen to experience all you can, and there will be opportunities to grow and prosper. Long-distance travels and higher education will broaden your general knowledge and outlook on life. Business deals and financial investments should be profitable but avoid excess, greed and overconfidence. Until January 4 — Mercury in your decan from December 28, is a hectic but productive time with lots of errands, meetings and discussions. This is excellent timing for making new years resolution because of a good intuition combined with rational thinking.

Expect more contact with neighbors, siblings and young people. So long as you channel this aggressive and competitive energy constructively, you can get a lot of hard work done in a short amount of time. Increased sex drive and physical attractiveness add passion to your love life. But different areas of your life may not be working in the same direction. Patience and self-discipline could lead to professional success and recognition.

January 2019 Best and Worst Days with Babylonian Astrology. Eclipses

You may take on more responsibility but have to deal with a little more stress. December 20 to 27 — Mercury in your decan again is one of the best times of the year for sitting exams, applying for work and doing business. This is also one of the busiest times of the year but mental alertness and clear thinking help you communicate effectively.

Socialize, make plans, book appointments, pay bills, bargain, and buy and sell. Your Capricorn horoscope is authentic because it is based on planetary transits to Capricorn Decan 1, not to houses, zones or sectors.

Partial Solar Eclipse of January 06

All year — Neptune sextile your decan makes you feel more connected in a spiritual way to others, more sensitive to other people and your environment. Your increased empathy and concern will have an uplifting effect on others. This spiritual journey of enlightenment may involve groups, meditation, dreaming, studies, or consultations with Gurus, Tarot readers, astrologers or psychics. Those born from January 5 to 10 will feel this transit most strongly during Those born before January 5 have already undergone their spiritual transformation in recent years.

January 10 to June 5 — The January 10 lunar eclipse brings your home, family and intimate relationships into sharper focus and could be emotionally challenging.

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If you are a sensitive, timid person you need to protect yourself against bullies. If you are strong you need to protect more vulnerable family members and friends. This eclipse favors the powerful and wealthy. January 10 to March 9 — Jupiter in your decan brings success, happiness, good luck, optimism, generosity and enthusiasm. February 8 to March 4 — Jupiter sextile Neptune culminates on February 20 to bring harmony, optimism, good fortune, and growth. Your good intentions and moral integrity make this a good time for professional advancement, business deals, and legal matters.

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You can be generous and grow spiritually without giving away your material possessions. Increased emotional strength and intuition will help overcome any relationship challenges.

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You will clearly see any relationship dynamics or negative feelings causing disharmony. July 5 to November 30 — The July 5 lunar eclipse in Capricorn decan 2 brings good fortune, happiness, new and influential friends, truthfulness and optimism. Be prepared for a revolution that focuses on financial justice. As you make your way through the week—and it is quite a week—envision yourself crossing a threshold into a different dimension.

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Social justice is love at the collective level and because love is the fascia that holds everything together, we are required to expand our capacity to include everyone. Everyone—every person, plant, and species because Earth truly does hang in the balance.

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Shishir Winter. Although Bahrain lies just outside the path, the southern half of Qatar is within the path of annularity. December 13, 14 - Geminids Meteor Shower. This full moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Full Cold Moon because this is the time of year when the cold winter air settles in and the nights become long and dark. Important details can be missing. The Draconids is an unusual shower in that the best viewing is in the early evening instead of early morning like most other showers.

Make time to review the details of all your plans and projects already in motion and then do whatever is necessary to take care of those concerns. This emphasis is about belonging to the world, specifically about how to find your true place within your sphere of experience so you can find your true voice. Some of what is revealed may be sad, but the rest of what you are shown is information you can work with to heal.

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So whether you are in the midst of a romantic comedy or tragedy, stuck in the complexity of a short- or long-term friendship, or dealing with family interactions that suck the air out of the room, do your best to figure out what brings you the most joy and then focus on relationships that feed that fire. The answer could be as simple as 20 minutes a day of meditation or a separate, quiet space for your creative endeavors. Embrace this process wholeheartedly and you might discover new things about yourself that were previously hidden from view.

Be brave and face the challenge of being in the world in an entirely new way. Just be aware that the power of creative visualization lies in your ability to feel your creation as if it is already a reality. So let nothing interfere with this process—not one negative thought or willingness to settle for something less.

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